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Infrared Heater Website –

Our new dedicated infrared heater website is now up an running and ready to take orders. offers design layout advice and a fantastic range of carefully designed top quality heaters from respected manufacturers suitable for a very wide range of applications.

The Infrared heater has been redesigned for use Inside homes, business and industry.

We have a wide range of Infrared Panel Heaters which can be wall and ceiling mounted.

Ceiling mounted panels can be incorporated into suspended ceilings in offices saving energy, leading to significant reductions in heating costs.

infrared heater, Herschel Select ceiling panel

Herschel Select Ceiling Panel in Restaurant

Ceiling mounted panels can be used in home offices, extensions, cabins, conversions,schools. In fact anywhere you would like to save space, or keep heaters out of the way. A ceiling panel heater is a great choice and they save money on running costs.

Infrared Heater, recesssed Herschel Select XL ceiling panel

Herschel Select XL – recessed into ceiling

Space Heaters of all types suitable for alfresco dining, large indoor public spaces, commercial and industrial applications

Infrared heater the Pulsar Space Heater

Pulsar Space Heater for Public Spaces


Infrared heater - Tansun Apollo for big open spaces

Tansun Apollo for large scale space heating

The Infrared heater site demonstrates how infrared heaters can be used to save money on heating by carefully controlling the use of heaters in homes and commercial applications. Visit the Case Study section to see real life exmples of how infrared can be used.

As we are in the Alfresco365 website then your interest may be heaters used outside. So go to the Outdoor Heating Solutions section to find what you need.

We believe that infrared heating will become the heating of the future, electric heating from sustainable sources such as wind, solar, tidal, hydro is 100% green.

The way infrared heats our environments is a much more controllable method of heating than traditional convection based heating methods. This controlability saves energy and consequently reduces costs to the user.

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