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Interior shade sails, Maintenance & Replacement


Replacement interior shade sails for Westerleigh Crematorium, South  Gloucestershire.

Westerleigh Crematorium comprises a wonderfully spacious and light chapel, with a full length glass ridged roof light. To reduce glare, and heat build up the original design (1992) included for a set of white mesh fabric interior shade sails of various shapes which when viewed from below are both ethereal and soften the architecture. The original internal shade sails, at 20 years old, had become discoloured, brittle and flaky from constant UV exposure and dust collection. We were contracted by Westerleigh Group to remove the old  shade sails and replace with new, the work had to be undertaken over weekends using a self propelled electric long boom lift as the pews are permanently bolted to the floor. The work was undertaken over 2 weekends, with the new sails fabricated using the old as templates.

interior shade sails

Replacement & maintenance of Interior Shade Sails

The electric boom lift is a fascinating piece of equipment, the model used  in transport mode was very compact allowing us to drive the rubber tracked machine into the chapel. The rubber tracks being very kind to the marble floors. The chapel itself has permanently bolted pews, side aisle columns, steel work triangulating the roof forces, plus an overhang above the altar area and another overhang above the internal porch. The machine is dual power: diesel and electric ,so no diesel smell inside the building. Once levelled and set the arms extend and intricate  hydraulic adjustments allowed us to reach high & wide to carefully rig without any damage to the Chapel.

Alfresco365 for replacement and maintenance of  existing shade solutions.

interior shade sails

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We can help you re design your current shade sail installation, replace with new, undertake important maintenance and Safery Checks.

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“The interior shade sails were beginning to disintegrate and appeared quite stained. The team at Sherlock andWatson Ltd T/A Alfresco 365 undertook the refurbishment without any disruption to our services. The new sails are perfect''.

PL, Westerleigh Crematorium, South Gloucestershire
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