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Patio Shade Sail Solution

Our customer in Brighstone, Isle of Wight wanted a patio shade sail connected to her single storey extension without involving deep post foundations. We designed & fabricated stainless steel brackets to connect the sail posts to existing walls without the need for extensive disruption. The house brackets provided a 400mm extension to allow for the soffit overhang. A Soltis Horizon 86 fabric shade sail was rigged between the posts. To facilitate rigging the patio shade sail without using ladders we set the sails up with triple pulley block sets. Our customer can simply connect the sail to the quick link shackle and hoist the sail without too much effort and still achieve high tension. Another unique shade sail solution from Alfresco365.

Patio shade sail fitted to 150 x 150 softwood posts

Patio shade sail bracket

Stainless steel brackets extend the shade sail post beyond the roof overhang.

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