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Tensile Fabric Structures

2D & 3D Tensile Fabric Structures Tensile Sails Rain & Shade Solutions Weather Proof  Canopy Bespoke Unique Designs Fit around existing buildings and features Add to a garden/terrace refurbishment Use in Poor weather add Infrared heating

Alfresco365 specialise in smaller scale tensile fabric structures in the Southern Counties, Isle of Wight and London. Our tensile fabric structures are bespoke, typically installed for high end residential clients , hospitality sector and for schools.

tensile fabric structure | hypar sail

Hypar Sail

We welcome all enquiries and enjoy a challenge. Our tensile fabric sails are designed and manufactured in the UK by highly respected specialist sail makers , SD sails , using the latest CAD software for 3D forming. Our tensile structures are stretched between heavily anchored strong steel posts , between fixing points which are part of a new superstructure , and fixing points on an existing building or heavy object (Mature Tree / Yacht / Steelwork). Flat 2D tensile sails need are set an angle of 14 degrees to allow rain water run off , hyperbolic 3D sails require the correct height differential between fixing points to ensure the 3D shape correctly forms to shed water & light snow.

Bespoke custom fit designs for a  Tesile Fabric Structure

Our tensile structures are bespoke to fit individual requirements. Whilst we design stand alone canopies most are designed to fit into the clients setting. For example we may connect to a building to enable  flow from inside to outside, or need to wrap the sail around corners, or features like a pizza oven chimney. Different fixing methods are required according to the type of structure being connected to eg brick, Cotswold Stone, timber framed building, steel structure, or even tree.

Tensile fabric structure

Bespoke sail wrapped around Pizza oven chimney, 3 sided bar and Cotswold stone wall.

We utilise a wide variety materials to suit individual tastes and to satisfy engineering constraints. The fabric used for these structures is usually Serge Ferrari Pre-contraint PVC which is the world class fabric for architectural canopies. We offer our Tensile Fabric Structures direct to clients or through Architects and Landscape designers. Call 01590 683655 / 07921 574895 to discuss your project . Alfresco365 design, fabricate and instal tensile fabric structures throughout  The Cotswold Counties, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, Wiltshire, Isle of Wight and London.

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